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Get affordable EMPLOYEE RETENTION TAX CREDITS Warm transfers for agents to remain current with the latest exclusive prospects that no one else has access to

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ERC Live Transfers

We put you in touch with prospects who have indicated their interest in speaking with an agent to review their EMPLOYEE RETENTION TAX CREDITS options. We verify the consumer's interest via an outbound phone call by our live screeners and immediately connect them to you.

“How do we create these EMPLOYEE RETENTION TAX CREDITS Live Transfers?”

We achieve this by following our 6 steps process for each lead type

Hiring the Best Staff

We boast the best call agents on the market with unparalleled performance proven over time for client satisfaction. We only recruit and develop the most suited candidates who have a winning attitude, the confidence to handle challenges, dedication towards goals, and a formidable drive to deliver. It takes that sort of a call agent to become a part of our team.

Training on Product and Sales

We have the most sorted after call agents in the industry mainly owing to our advanced training and development program through which we take all our batches before engaging in our live floors. Our call agents are experts in product knowledge and soft skills to deliver leads with professionalism.

Data Acquisition for Compliance

We manage the risk for our clients for regulatory compliance in terms of prospect data gathering and lead transfer by engaging stringent compliance requirements and ensuring all leads are qualified absolutely in line with ethical guidelines.

Tailored Scripts

With us you will receive authentic prospect information ONLY! We achieve this order upon order with our professionally written conversation guiding scripts that take the prospect in a structured manner throughout the call, in order to acquire detailed personal information exclusively for our clients.

Call Monitoring and Recording

At HELPFORSALES, we do not let even a tiny error fly unnoticed. Our calls are recorded and monitored for quality assurance. This ensures professionalism in all calls, prospect comfort, and overall positive experience throughout the conversation. This is precisely why we are the best in our industry for quality lead generation.

Prompt Delivery

We aim to provide leads promptly to our clients. Our capability of fast delivery and live transfer is much appreciated by many of our valued clients as they have experienced a steady growth in their business at a fast pace due to receipt of prompt leads from our end enabling them to close more business on the daily.

“Why are we the best in EMPLOYEE RETENTION TAX CREDITS live transfers?”

Here’s How We Do It

Trained Team

We train our telemarketers to work as a part of your business and take full product ownership, create sales pitch, and screen prospects with amazing greeting, conversational, and persuasive skills to deliver results

Data Strategy

Our telemarketing activities are exclusively reliant on quality of data that we gather from digital marketing activities including but not limited to PPCs, SEO, contact forms, consented email marketing, call to actions, and referrals. With us you only get relevant leads proven for maximum worth to your business.

Strong Compliance

Our leads acquisition process and its effectiveness are unmatched in the market with respect to compliance with TCPA regulations and ethical guidelines no matter which jurisdiction the prospect reside in.

Exclusive Leads Quality

In the leads transfer industry, there are many risks pertaining to reselling of preordered leads, diluting your sales potential. At HELPFORSALES, we ensure that all the leads that you received from us are quality assured and EXCLUSIVELY THE PROPERTY OF YOUR BUSINESS ONLY!

High Quote Ratios

At HELPFORSALES, we understand the difference every single lead can make for our clients’ business. Therefore, we provide high quality warm leads so that your sales staff can focus on quoting deals and closing sales.

Prompt Delivery

We always keep client sales requirements and targets in mind when we generate and deliver leads. Therefore, we have streamlined processes and advanced technology for prompt delivery of leads resulting in higher conversion rates at your sales desks.

Proactive Support

With HELPFORSALES, you will never have to wait on resolution of your queries and issues. We dedicate support services to each client thereby ensuring prompt resolution of their queries and issues for seamless sales operations for our clients’ business.

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“Why are we better than others in the ERC leads transfer business?”

At HELPFORSALES, we ensure that you get the following benefits

Leads from Fake Avatar

Close more business with personally qualified leads and avoid leads that are fake avatar generated. These types of leads put your business at risk.

Complicated Pay-Per-Click Ads

Ad designs and running PPC’s can be a complicated and costly venture for leads generation. Get your leads from a trusted vendor and cut the marketing costs.

Over-Sharing Online Leads

Always avoid tapping into generally available pools of leads. They are no good for your sales agents. Get real exclusive leads.

“Want to know why HELPFORSALES is the best for insurance agents?”

5 Hassles You Avoid by Outsourcing Lead Generation

    Making and publishing job postings for telemarketers
    Screening job candidates and investigating backgrounds
    Finding the best callers for your requirements through the most effective process.
    Creating a telemarketing script and educating & training the new hires on insurance basics.
    Managing the effectiveness of the telemarketers and assuring their performance.

“Why HELPFORSALES is the best choice for your lead generation needs?”

Learn What Sets HELPFORSALES Apart from Other ERC Lead Providers

Expert in Insurance Industry

Get an immediate edge over your competition by working with HELPFORSALES – a name of reliability in the insurance business.

Service Excellence

We never let a client astray and make sure to help and support them throughout order execution and beyond.


With us, your leads remain to be your leads with zero reselling risk.

We are on your side

Work with HELPFORSALES for transparent business dealings and avoid agents who may resell your leads and create conflict of interest.

Professional Ethics

Insurance industry is swamped with unethical agents and practices. Work with us to avoid such risks and gain immense value.

Ordering Online Is Super Easy

Immediately suspend the practice of mailing payment forms to shield your data and guard against any exploitation by lead firms.

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