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Auto Insurance Leads

An Auto Insurance lead is a prospect that is interested in your insurance offerings. By generating qualified leads, HELPFORSALES assists your auto insurance company by bring new prospects into your insurance sales funnel eventually increasing sales.

We maintain the most current Auto Insurance Leads

We achieve this by following our 6 steps process for each lead type

Hiring the Best Staff

With the longevity of our experience in industry, we know how to spot the best talent in the market and develop for the job at hand. Persuasion, dedication, blazing fast call execution, and that winner attitude constitute the core competencies that we look for in our candidates during the screening process which ensures we have ready access to best-of-the-best in the market.

Training on Product and Sales

We ensure that each call agent in our team is professionally trained on product knowledge and interaction with unmatched soft skills. We also train our call agents on our core methodology of data gathering and screening for delivery of exceptional leads to our clients order upon order.

Data Acquisition for Compliance

Gathering prospect data in the field of telemarketing is very heavily regulated with mandatory ethical guidelines. We are experts at fully compliant data gathering and delivery of leads to our clients thereby managing their risk for them.

Tailored Scripts

At HELPFORSALES, our aim is to zero-in on prospect interest and touch points to generate relevance with the product and acquire information with ease by way of well-structured scripts customized for each product addressing all queries and objections in order to provide high quality leads to our clients.

Call Monitoring and Recording

With HELPFORSALES, you never have to worry about in-call professionalism and prospect experience. We have a quality assurance function constantly recording and monitoring our calls for professionalism and call agent training needs assessments.

Prompt Delivery

Insurance is bout closing warm leads while prospect interest is still current. Therefore, we place high emphasis on lightning-fast leads delivery and live transfers whereby your sales agents remain engaged in dealing quotes and closing sales. Our leads delivery platforms can be completely aligned with your systems for seamless operation.

Why Our Auto Insurance Live Transfers are the Best?

Here’s How We Do It

Trained Team

We bring to your business very highly capable telemarketers that can work wonders for your sales function by integrating prospect identification and qualification for achieving your sales targets

Data Strategy

We collect prospect data in the most effected and widely accepted manners including contact forms, digital marketing, call to actions, consented email marketing, and membership programs that are guaranteed to pull and compile authentic lead data that is then refined and screened for maximum relevance.

Strong Compliance

Our trained sales staff strictly maintains legal and ethical guidelines and industry standards for collection of prospect data that is fully TCPA compliant and acquired in the most ethical manner.

Exclusive Leads Quality

With HELPFORSALES, all the leads you receive are quality assured for compliance and exclusivity for your business. We never resell leads and have strong mechanisms in place for avoidance of any data circumvention by any party involved in our business dealings.

High Quote Ratios

Quote rates are a yardstick to define how many quotes per lead volume have been given by the agent. With our leads you can comfortably achieve high quote ratios per agent resulting in higher conversion rates, better ROI, and business growth.

Prompt Delivery

We work with advanced technology and tools enabling us to prompt delivery and live transferring of high-quality warm leads to you for deal quotes and higher conversion rates at regular intervals thereby keeping your sales pipeline current and expanding.

Proactive Support

We work as a team with all our clients. We maintain a 24x7 help and support desk to promptly address any queries you might have with regard to your lead generation and delivery requirements. We do not let a single client unattended or waiting for resolution.

"Why are these better than other types of Auto Insurance leads?"

Compare the following Lead Methods.

Leads from Fake Avatar

Be aware of fake avatar (robotic) leads as they are unlikely to be of any value to you. Get yourselves real connections with real people based on one-to-one interactions.

Complicated Pay-Per-Click Ads

Investing in add designs and PPC’s is better left to a leads vendor that can provide value without having to invest in digital marketing.

Over-Sharing Online Leads

Investing in shared leads database is useless and unlikely to get you reliable leads. Always rely on exclusive leads.

“HELPFORSALES is the Best Choice for Your Auto Insurance Lead Generation Needs”

5 hassles you avoid by outsourcing lead generation to us

    Making and publishing job postings for telemarketers
    Screening job candidates and investigating backgrounds
    Finding the best callers for your requirements through the most effective process.
    Creating a telemarketing script and educating & training the new hires on insurance basics.
    Managing the effectiveness of the telemarketers and assuring their performance.

How is HELPFORSALES Miles Ahead of Other Auto Insurance Lead Providers

Expert in Insurance Industry

Augment your business success with our expertise in the insurance industry and network of counterparts.

Service Excellence

Prompt resolution of your queries is of utmost importance in our business philosophy that we implement diligently.


With us, you get complete ownership of your leads without the risk of them having being resold.

We are on your side

We have non-circumvent and confidentiality agreements in place with all our clients, agents, and counterparts. Your leads remain your property only.

Professional Ethics

Avoid being scammed by unscrupulous billing practices and work with HELPFORSALES where all practices are transparent.

Ordering Online Is Super Easy

Act promptly to discontinue the mailing of payment forms, ensuring the security of your data and protecting against exploitation by lead firms.

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