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With HELPFORSALES, you will never run out of good quality auto insurance warm transfers to grow your sales pipeline growing and increase your revenue.

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“Auto Insurance Exclusive Live Transfers”

We put you in touch with consumers who have indicated their interest in speaking with an agent to review their Auto insurance options. We verify the consumer's interest via an outbound phone call by our live screeners and immediately connect them to you.

We maintain the most current Auto Insurance Leads

We achieve this by following our 6 steps process for each lead type

Hiring the Best Staff

Telemarketing as a line of business is quite challenging and requires carefully selected professionals to perform under high pressure and tight deadlines. Our hiring process is designed exactly to achieve this level of excellence in our professional pool. We ensure to spot and recruit top talent with the skills to perform in a challenging environment.

Training on Product and Sales

Product knowledge and effective sales techniques are at the core of our training program for our call agents. We impart exceptional soft skills in our trainings and qualify batches upon comprehensive testing in a live environment wherein it is ensured that best allrounders are graduated.

Data Acquisition for Compliance

Prospect data acquisition is a sensitive activity that must be handled with care and diligence. We only acquire data from approved and ethical means and make sure that our clients receive fully compliance information on leads.

Tailored Scripts

Leads qualification and delivery requires structured discussions with prospects to touch points that generate interest and build relatability with the product and the caller. We at HELPFORSALES are experts in developing and writing scripts that guide successful discussions with prospects and develop the trust as well as comfort our prospects to share information with us.

Call Monitoring and Recording

Our calls are recorded and monitored for quality assurance ensuring a zero-error instance and enabling us to enhance the quality of our calls to prospects. We also identify further training needs of our call agents by monitoring and evaluation of calls.

Prompt Delivery

We operate at a blazing fast pace and deliver leads as soon as they are qualified. We also conduct live transfers whereby your agents receive live leads on real time basis for dealing quotes and closing sales. Our systems and controls have the capability of integrating with your operations for a collaborative work environment.

Why Our Auto Insurance Exclusive Live Transfers are the Best?

Here’s How We Do It

Trained Team

Our telemarketers bring engaged prospects, increased sales, and business growth to the table with their unparalleled prospect engagement, persuasion, and command over the product

Data Strategy

We gather data on prospects in a systematic manner whereby we engage in digital marketing activities designed to pull prospect information rather than pushing them for information that might leave a negative impact about your company on the prospect’s mind. We ensure prudent and appreciated ways of gathering data leaving prospects engaged.

Strong Compliance

Our stringent compliance criteria ensures that our telemarketers acquire fully TCPA compliant information from prospects and in the most ethical manners. We have internal audit functions that ensure absolute compliance with regulations in terms of data gathering.

Exclusive Leads Quality

HELPFORSALES ensures that all leads that you receive from us are exclusively dedicated for your business only with strong mechanisms in pace for elimination of circumventive risks.

High Quote Ratios

We ensure high quality leads for your agents to engage in closing and sales. Our leads are guaranteed for higher conversion rates, better ROI, and business growth. We take pride in serving our clients with leads that have higher quote ratios than anyone else in the market.

Prompt Delivery

We offer real time lightning-fast leads delivery and live transfers to keep your sales momentum engaged and your business growing at a steady rate. We have the systems and controls to enable such fast leads delivery benchmarks.

Proactive Support

We promote and welcome client interaction throughout the order fulfillment and beyond. We dedicate support services to each client thereby ensuring prompt resolution of their queries and issues for seamless sales operations for our clients’ business.

"Why are these better than other types of Auto Insurance Transfers?"

Compare the following Lead Methods.

Leads from Fake Avatar

There are many vendors our there selling fake avatar leads obtained via robotic means. We urge you to get real person-to-person leads and establish true connections.

Complicated Pay-Per-Click Ads

You must weigh the difference between complicated and costly digital marketing campaigns and the ease of getting leads from a reliable vendor.

Over-Sharing Online Leads

Fighting over pooled leads is tantamount to shooting in the dark. Get yourselves exclusive and authentic leads.

“HELPFORSALES is the Best Choice for Your Auto Insurance Lead Generation Needs”

5 hassles you avoid by outsourcing lead generation to us

    Making and publishing job postings for telemarketers
    Screening job candidates and investigating backgrounds
    Finding the best callers for your requirements through the most effective process.
    Creating a telemarketing script and educating & training the new hires on insurance basics.
    Managing the effectiveness of the telemarketers and assuring their performance.

How is HELPFORSALES Miles Ahead of Other Auto Insurance Lead Providers

Expert in Insurance Industry

You stand to create much value for your business with our long standing in the insurance industry.

Service Excellence

We respond to our clients within 24 hours via our help and support desks. You will never have to wait for resolution of your queries.


All leads that you receive from us are the property of your business ONLY!

We are on your side

Avoid agents that sell your leads on the side and cut into your own clients. Work with HELPFORSALES to avoid such conflicts.

Professional Ethics

We conduct our business transparently and based on the principles of equity and honestly.

Ordering Online Is Super Easy

Immediately stop mailing payment forms so that lead firms might exploit you. Secure your data.

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