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Affordable Care Act (ACA) Live Transfers

ACA insurance benefits are generally preferred by individuals as under Obamacare, a number of benefits are covered that are not generally provided for in traditional medical and health insurance plans. At HELPFORSALES, we put you in touch with consumers who have indicated their interest in speaking with an agent to review their ACA options under Heath Insurance Marketplace. We verify the consumer's interest via an outbound phone call by our live screeners and immediately connect qualified leads to you.

“How do we create these ACA Live Transfers?”

We achieve this by following our 6 steps process for each lead type

Hiring the Best Staff

Leads spotting, screening and delivery is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a challenging operation and requires equally suited professionals. Our HR function hires top quality candidates on the market with the core competencies that are well suited for the job.

Training on Product and Sales

HELPFORSALES associates a great deal of value towards the importance of training and development of candidates prior to going live and that is why we have the best customer experience and client delivery rates. Our professional trainers take each batch of trainees and develop amongst them in-depth product knowledge, soft skills, and confidence to perform at their jobs.

Data Acquisition for Compliance

We acquire prospect data through consent based digital marketing and contact activities ensuring that we only maintain fully compliant data and our clients receive risk free regulatory complaint leads ONLY!

Tailored Scripts

We never make unstructured calls to prospects. It is a responsibility that we take very seriously on behalf of our clients. We develop scripts customized for each product and client specification to guide discussions and acquire information with ease, addressing all questions and rebuttals from the prospect.

Call Monitoring and Recording

We maintain call recording and monitoring for quality assurance and professional conduct of all our call agents. Our quality assurance function also performs advanced training needs assessment for our call agents through ongoing monitoring of their calls to prospects.

Prompt Delivery

The key to our success is our speed of operation geared towards prompt lead delivery and live transfers so that your sales staff can directly hop on to lead closure. Our leads can be provided to you in a database or an integrated service delivery platform as per your requirements and ease.

Why Our ACA Live Transfers are the Best?

Here’s How We Do It

Trained Team

We work is a very targeted manner with your firm and train our call agents down to the detail on your product and lead volume requirements which they pursue with resilience, emasculate conversational skills, and call experience

Data Strategy

HELPFORSALES has an edge over competitors in the industry by way of our excellence in prospect identification and information handling. The information we maintain is completely confidential from third parties and is exclusively retained for our clients to pursue.

Strong Compliance

TCPA compliance and ethical guidelines are the two fundamental principles guiding our prospect information gathering and approach criteria. We maintain leads that are acquired by compliant and ethical means.

Exclusive Leads Quality

We ensure that all the leads you receive from us are fully quality assured for regulatory and ethical compliance and are only the property of your entity and not to be resold for any purposes to any other party.

High Quote Ratios

With our relevant and accurate leads, you enjoy the comfort of high quote ratios for your products resulting in a better ROI and business growth. We measure our success with the quote ratios our leads generate for your agents.

Prompt Delivery

With our streamlined leads generation process and advanced technology, you receive leads at a fast pace along with the option of live transfers enabling you to maintain the sales momentum and steady business growth

Proactive Support

We love to hear from our clients and work very closely with them throughout the leads generation, delivery, and support process. We dedicate support services to each client thereby ensuring prompt resolution of their queries and issues for seamless sales operations for our clients’ business.

"Why are these better than other types of ACA Transfers?"

At HELPFORSALES, we ensure that you get the following benefits

Leads from Fake Avatar

The insurance industry is swamped with fake leads that put your commissions at risk due to their unreliability. Get yourselves a real lead and build reliable connections.

Complicated Pay-Per-Click Ads

Why invest heavily in ad designs, PPC campaigns, and digital marketing companies when you can get great value from HELPFORSALES.

Over-Sharing Online Leads

Do not settle for pooled or resold leads. Always opt for fresh and reliable leads that are exclusive to your business only.

“Want to know why HELPFORSALES is the best for insurance agents?”

5 hassles you avoid by outsourcing lead generation and transfers to us

    Making and publishing job postings for telemarketers
    Screening job candidates and investigating backgrounds
    Finding the best callers for your requirements through the most effective process.
    Creating a telemarketing script and educating & training the new hires on insurance basics
    Managing the effectiveness of the telemarketers and assuring their performance

Why HELPFORSALES is the best choice for your lead generation needs”

Expert in Insurance Industry

We have advanced expertise and experience in the insurance business. Work with us and get great value.

Service Excellence

Are you tired of waiting on your tickets for resolution? We provide 24x7 help desks for your ease and convenience.


With us, you receive leads that are exclusive to your business ONLY!

We are on your side

With us, you’ll never have to worry about an agent circumventing your leads.

Professional Ethics

We deliver what we claim and what we claim is exactly what you’ll get! With us there are no hidden surprises.

Ordering Online Is Super Easy

Take swift action to halt the mailing of payment forms, safeguarding your data and thwarting any potential exploitation by lead firms.

“Are you ready to purchase ACA live transfers to boost your sales?”