Our Lead Programs

Present & close more prospects with our different types of verified leads because we are offering step by step scripts to help you close more insurance leads. Also, we help you to successfully qualify, present & sell final expense & Medicare supplements to seniors.


Life Insurance Leads

You can now get in contact with seniors comparing affordable life insurance leads options.


Medicare Supplement Leads

You can help seniors save on their Medicare Supplements and earn renewals for the next six years.


T65 Medicare Leads

You can now connect with baby boomers turning 65 before others and help them out for the rest of their lives.


Live Transfer Leads

You can now talk directly to interested Final Expense and Medicare prospects immediately.


Pre-set Appointments

You can skip the setting up appointments, all the running around, and prospecting and focus on selling with our pre-set appointments.


Digital Marketing

Our custom-made digital marketing services include search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, and content marketing.


Final Expense Leads

You can now contact me directly and buy final expense leads immediately.


Automobile Insurance Leads

Buy automobile insurance leads at a reasonable price. Order now


Turning 65 Leads

Buy quality Turning 65 Leads across the USA in just one click.

About Us

Who We Are?

Founded in 2015, Help For Sales was meant to help find better ways to get affordable and exclusive insurance leads. You may have used all types of lead sources, avatar, live telemarketer, direct mail, voicemail, internet, and have figured out that the highest return on investment is from live telemarketing leads. That’s where we come in; we provide affordable, exclusive tele marketed insurance leads developed by real (human) sales professionals in a fully managed call center. Since we operate, hire, fire, train, and manage our team of remotely, we save on operating costs. For you, that means you pay 30% to 70% less compared to other American-based call centers.


Why do we use it?

We understand how important quality life insurance leads are. We understand all that goes into each sale, so we are committed to providing resources, strategies, and advice to help boost your insurance sales and marketing success.
Want to get to know us better? Contact us today. To stay up to date with our lead promotions and sales tips you can follow us on social media.Help for sales is committed to help you in production of sales.


We Help You Close More Insurance Leads

We work with forward-looking agents to help them successfully sell leads and be a mentor in the insurance field


Pre Set Appointments
Great Services, with excellent availability of resources and flexibility to personalize any type of insurance. Giving 5Star rating for these guys


Live Transfer leads user
Their service responded within a few minutes. So happy with this company and i just love it. They provided totally genuine leads. Will definitely use Help for Sales again!


T65 medicare user
Support took care of everything quickly and had us up and running within a few hours. Thank you so much for providing brilliant services. Highly recommended!


Medicare Supplement user
Excellent customer support. Quick reply and they solved the problem completely and saved me from having a lot of trouble. Thanks!


Life Insurance
Love this website. Gorgeous services, fits my needs exactly. Custom support is really fantastic!! Very pleased and I highly recommend!

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Enhancing startup success

Which insurance category should you care about? Where to invest next? In a technology-fueled global economy, our mission is to support forward- looking agents to catalyze their own startup Businesses by providing genuine leads as well as interactive websites & digital marketing services.

100% Genuine leads for our registered agents
Interactive, Mobile compatible and SEO friendly websites
Digital marketing and paid promotion services with guaranteed results