Inbound Agents: Ease Caller Management for Your CRM Team

Have a great load of incoming callers that is not easy to manage for your CRM team? We’ve got you covered!

Eliminate your hassle of handling great volumes of inbound calls by signing up for our state of the art, affordable, and comprehensive CRM solutions.

Hire Your Own Inbound Agent

An Inbound Lead is established when a prospect or customer calls to enquire, purchase, or interact with your products. In our experience of working with clients, handling inbound calls of varied nature can be a costly and hectic process for firms. We at HELPFORSALES understand the business of and delicacy associated with effective CRM for varied industries. We cater to an increasing number of insurance firms across the USA, 95% of them rating us ‘exceptional’ for CRM solutions.

Our Inbound Agents are

  • Experts in every aspect of your products and services.
  • Have a deep understanding of your business requirements
  • Dedicated to your exclusive inbound calls handling and CRM services
  • Rigorously tested and proven for exceptional conversion rates and customer experience

Our Simple Inbound Call Handling Process

You can get started with our Dedicated Inbound Agent services in 4 simple steps

Contact Form

Fill in a simple contact form with your details and general requirements. One of our Managers will get in touch with you to discuss your business requirements and crystallize the product details and inbound call handling volume followed by submission of a formal proposal document to you including terms of business as discussed with you.


Your approval and signing of the proposal document shall constitute a contract between us for inbound calls handing and CRM services.


We will raise an invoice as per the payment terms articulated in our contract with you.

commencment of work
Commencement of Work

Immediately upon settlement of invoice, we will assign a dedicated Manager along with a team of expert inbound agents followed by commencement of work immediately (you may opt for one call agent or a team of agents based on your requirements)