Final Expense Lead Script

Hi, This is ________. With Senior care. How are you?
I’m calling to let you know of a new LOW COST Final Expense Insurance plan that has just been approved in your state (STATE ON DIALER). This “LIFE” insurance plan is designed to cover 100% of your funeral expenses. Our local agent can give you a callback in a few days and give you more information.

Would you be interested in learning more about this new Low Cost “LIFE” insurance plan?

If YES Continue
(If Not interested /YES Insurance One Rebuttal allowed)

How old are you. (50-80) (This is so he can determine the best plan for you)

What is your name? (Customer full name)

Will this information on Burial Insurance be just for you or your spouse as well?

  1. How old is your spouse?
  2. Is mornings, afternoon or evenings good for a call back?
  3. Would you prefer to receive information on 5, 10, or 20,000 in coverage?
  4. If you chose to take coverage, who would the benefit go to? All I need is the relationship such as a spouse, son or daughter?
  5. And one last thing, for security purposes we want to be sure that you know it is one of our agents calling you back. So may I ask, what is your favorite color?

Our local is an expert on this new plan and he will provide you with a quote and help you to better understand how this affordable plan can benefit you and your family.

Please remember to expect a callback from (AGENT NAME) within the next few days about this Final Expense Insurance plan.

Have a wonderful day.


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