Tired of call backs and follow-ups?

Get final expense insurance live transfer leads and spend more time closing prospects and writing new policies instead of chasing them.

For other agents who have a solid follow-up process, chasing down uninterested leads on daily basis can be exhausting. You can add some exclusive live transfers to your daily routine to avoid chasing down leads yourself. Real time call transfer helps you connect with prospect instantly, reducing follow up time and maximizing conversion chances.

How do generate final expense insurance live transfer leads?

Our dialing software use list of scrubbed data against DNC list, lowering our time for calling possible prospects. To generate live transfer leads, we use scripts tailored to qualify each lead’s health and interest before transferring to agents. We then transfer live calls to insurance agents in their availability hours.
How much final expense insurance live transfer lead cost?

Final expense insurance live transfer lead costs more then call back lead, but it always provides a higher chance of conversion then call back lead where a lot of factor can affect prospect’s decision after first call.


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    Tired of Chasing Leads?

    Buy Medicare Supplement or Final Expense life insurance live transfer leads and spend your time closing leads instead of chasing them.

    Harvesting low-hanging fruit can be a lucrative short-term prospecting strategy for some insurance agents – but by not following up with leads that don’t buy right away, they could be missing out on long-term possibilities.

    For other agents who have a solid follow-up process in place, the daily grind of chasing down uninterested leads can be taxing.

    Both types of agents can benefit from adding exclusive live transfer leads to their daily prospecting routine. By getting insurance leads in real time, you avoid the hassle of having to track them down yourself.

    These real-time life insurance leads and Medicare Supplement leads can help you connect with prospects instantly – cutting follow-up time by 90% and multiplying your commissions exponentially. Spare your sanity and your time by only dealing with interested insurance leads that call you.

    Final expense insurance leads generation

    How These Live Transfer leads are Created for Half the Price

    Unlike traditional live transfer internet leads (which aren’t truly exclusive, though they’re more expensive) our telemarketers finds interested prospects who haven’t taken action yet – and transfers them to an agent at half the costck.

    Scrubbed data that is also scrubbed for TCPA compliance is loaded into highly efficient multi-line predictive dialing software that helps us maximize our callers’ productivity, while lowering lead costs for insurance agentsblock.

    Our live transfer leads for Final Expense life insurance are 50-80 years old with income between $15K-45K – while our live transfer Medicare Supplement leads are 65-80 years old with income of at least $15K

    To generate live transfer leads, we use scripts tailored to qualify each lead’s health and interest before transferring to agents – click HERE for the real time Medicare Supplement script or click HERE to see the Final Expense script

    Cancer, stroke, and heart attack are the three major health conditions most often declined by insurance underwriters – so we pre-qualify live transfer leads by screening for these critical illnesses before connecting with agents

    Pre-qualified leads are then transferred to the agent in real time – if the agent is unable to answer the live transfer, the telemarketer affirms that the agent will call back shortly, and the lead is delivered via email instantaneously