There’s no doubting the fact that auto insurance is a large scale business with over 210 million licensed drivers in the US. It is one of the major financial considerations among the Americans. Helps for sales implies use of unique technology to generate leads for auto insurance and auto warranty. These leads are bound to perform optimally for P&C insurance professionals regardless of the type and size.

From individual agents to carries, these automobile insurance leads are going to lead to great business without an ounce of a doubt.

Auto Leads Statistics

Our telemarketers will collect the following information from the customers.

We generate live transfers in states.
Our minimum order is as low as 50 live transfers.
First Name.
Last Name
Address City/zipcode - State
Year /Make/Model of the Car
Current insurance carrier
Current Premium

We Are Offering

Lead Access

We being a best auto lead generator provide a real time view of live transfers into our user friendly interface Leads Management System. We provide leads in the form of Excel Spread Sheet. Our leads management system provides you the option of downloading your leads in the form of Printable.


Recordings of the live transfers will be available upon request.

Quality Control

Our quality assures that the quality of the automobile insurance leads are good. They monitor all calls and make sure that we’re transfers legitimate transfers to our clients.

Successful Transfer

A successful transfer consist of the following terms

  • All mandatory questions should be covered by the telemarketer before transferring the call to a live agent such as first and last name, address, car information, current carrier, and premium.
  • After transferring the call to the live agent the customer should stay on the line for 60secs or if the live agent schedules a callback with the customer that will also be counted as successful transfer.
Lead Delivery

Delivered leads will be available in the portal within the 24 hours after they being transferred.


We offer the automobile insurance live transfers as low as $20 each transfer and it goes up to $25 per transfer. If you come up with the order of 100 to 150 leads a day we can offer you a flat static price.

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